Speaking @ MAKE OSt-Württemberg

A lovingly crafted platform for hands-on professionals, innovators and technologists took place on September 29-30 2019 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. MAKE Ost-Württemberg is a convention for future, trends and digitalization. ‘Cyborg-Centered Design’ was part of the exhibition and on the stage together with Anna Foltinek and Lea Schwegler who held a 30min talk about Human Enhancement Technologies, risks and potentials.
︎ www.make-ow.de

Speculative Design Workshop ‘What’s Next?’

What’s Next’ is Speculative Design Workshop Model which was developed for the Design Summer School 2019 at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd with the topic ‘newmankind – designing human enhancement’. The participants design alternative futures with the goal to stimulate discourse. Thanks to the coordinators for an amazing organization and to all attendes for one week of future speculations with intense dicussions and innovative ideas. 
︎ What’s Next?

‘Cyborg-Centered Design’ Workshop

The project 'Cyborg-Centered Design' builds a base for designers, who deal with the design of portable or implanted technologies. During a creative Workshop-Week 2018 at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd the insights of the thesis were shared with other students for the very first time, design potentials were dicussed and various product concepts had been developed.
︎ www.design-cyb.org 

‘Cyborg-Centered Design’ @ PUSH

The boundary between human and technology blurrs. Smart Implants offer new design potentials: The Internet of Cyborg and the human Body as a User Interface. 'How can we combine physical and digital world? How can we make it personal, ethical and humane, when it becomes part of our identity? How can we create the best possible correlation between human and machine?' Cyborg-Centered Design gives an impulse for future questions at PUSH Conference 2018 with a Lightning-Talk and exhibition.
︎ www.push-conference.com 

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