Editorial Design: upside down
FORMAT is the magazine run voluntarily by students of the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Every semester a new issue is designed and released under a special leading theme, featuring interviews, student projects, photo series and more...
            As a part of the editorship, I planned the development process along with my team members from the definition of the leading theme to the release and promotion. Furthermore I was responsible for the Cover Design, Layout, Illustration and merchandising. FORMAT #17 features articles about alternative creativity methods, the vision of the human eye, an interview with Looping Lovers and the type foundry New Letters, photo series taken by students and an introduction of the new staff at the University.

Redaction: Franziska Utz, Johanna Osterrieter Layout: Franziska Utz, Johanna Osterrieter, Lea Schwegler, Anna Rathgeb Photography: Miriam Lavase, Robert Straubmüller, Nursel Kalai, Illustration: Lea Schwegler, 3D Art: Looping Lovers