‘eins sein’ Editorial Design
FORMAT is the magazine run voluntarily by students of the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Every semester a new issue is designed and released under a special leading theme, featuring interviews, student projects, photo series and more. In this issue I contributed in conceptualization, planning and layout.
            The eleventh edition of FORMAT is entitled “be one”. As part of the editorial board of the twenty-five member team, it was our responsibility to do several organizational, conceptual and creative tasks. In this edition we experimented with the orthographic composition of the number eleven. By interchanging the letters from the word „eins“ (EN: one), a new — „sein“ (EN: to be) arises. Thus, the eleventh issue provides insights into the topic of teamwork and the controversy between egoism and philanthropy.

Featured on: ︎Design made in Germany — Redaction Team: Katharina Blust, Tatjana Brenner, Julian Haberstock, Alexander Hanshans, Jasmin Hellmann, Magdalena Jajte, Katharina Köngeter, Katharina Krotova, Melanie Laudin, Sarah Leukhardt, Ivana Melillo, Tanja Mirlieb, Narges Mohammad, Viktoriya Oskolkova, Carina Rieder, Bernhard Sacha, Lea Schwegler, Marina Wunderlich, Jonas Heilgeist, Aileen Kassing, Daniel Otto, Deni Šimic, Jonas Voigt, Steffen Weiß