Branding & Visual Identity
Arraei is an evolving brand embracing fair fashion and mother earth, born from the passion for art and design. The Fashion Collective was established in 2018 in Vancouver, where all design and production is made. The Founder and Designer's mission is to foster a beautiful relationship between people and nature with environmentally friendly products. Inspired by her home country South-Africa, her travels and different cultures, she gained a whole new sense of understanding for the planet and its people. Using natural garments and color schemes, all collections are made with strong ethical and sustainable convictions and a fully hand-made process celebrating the beauty of nature.
            I faced the challenge to renew the brands' identity for the upcoming summer collection. Part of this was planning and art directing a Photo Shoot for Editorial and Catalogue Shots and the design of brand sheets and stationary. Furthermore I came up with a new brand strategy and new visual identity to help communicate more cohesively on online and offline touchpoints. The main focus was the creation of cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for a fair and growing business.